Olive Pit Show – October, 2023

The Artist 16″x24″x3″

Venerated Baby Angel Saint 20″x15″x2″

Big Jazz 20″x10″x4″

More or Less 24″x14″x2″

"Roots Rock" - Steve Bradford
Roots Rock 53″x13″x6″

Age Waits for the Night Train 24″x17″x2″

"Blues" - Steve Bradford
Blues  29″x17″x2″

Covenant 25″x13″x6″

"Family Band" - Steve Bradford
Family Band (Folky Mama, Jazzy Dad, Rockin’ Kiddo) 17″x20″x4″ (combined)

Composition in Three Parts (Inspiration, Performance, Reflection)  38″x42″x6″ (combined)

"Woodwind" - Steve Bradford
Woodwind  11″x30″x8″ (not shown in top photo)